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ユーイ の こころ
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22nd-Jul-2012 02:22 pm(no subject)

Sultry words,

possessively embracing,

relentlessly trapping me

inside its seducing warmth.


channelling lies of comfort,

declaring rules and laws,

speeches of “self proclaimed gods”,

to hypnotized masses.

In the silence I say nothing.

I shut my eyes and pretend I’m one of them.

I fit myself into these cloths,

make myself look the same,

to free my mind.

I let my body be shackled to these webs of social rules.

I act as if I don’t feel any pain,

like I am happy.

All in the good name of “How I am supposed to be”,

Individuality can only take you so far…

24th-Dec-2011 01:08 pm(no subject)
9th-Dec-2011 02:51 pm(no subject)
I think the first snow that actually will stay for a few days fell this morning. I tried to take a photo, but I don’t think it came out that well. I really want my winters to be white. So I am really hoping that a lot more snow will fall, and that it will turn colder. It’s called winter for I reason, ne? Anyway instead of a snow pic I’ll post one of our wonderful sunsets.

I started translating Private volume 2 of Fuwa Shinri, but as I began I realised that the scans I got a hold of were missing two pages. Hopefully I can scan them from my own volume, but I really don’t want to crack the spine.
30th-Nov-2011 12:48 pm - Nightwish's Imaginaerum review
So this night I listened to Nightwish’s new album Imagianerum, through finish radio. And this is my thoughts about the songs and the album as a whole after one listen.

1. Taikatalvi – I really like hearing Marco singing in finish, and in this lullaby manner. And I think it’s a really good intro to this Imaginaerum. I really do get the Moomin tribute.

2. Storytime – well, I think every one already have said all I want to say about this song.

3. Ghost river – Initially I had a question-mark on this one, ‘cause I couldn’t figure out if I like this song or not. But I do love the guitar intro, the heavy riffs and the chorus. I just think I need to listen to this song more to get use to how Anette sing. Don’t get me wrong I  Anette, but in some parts of this song she sing in a way I just aren’t use to. Though I still think it’s a good song and it would probably be really fun to hear live.

4. Slow love, slow – For me this is one of the highlights on the album. I just love the jazzy elements, and Anette’s voice is perfection. I really like the way Anette end the song. She shows you how to make a song fantastic with out doing a lot of vocal acrobatics. Please do this song live so I can hear the piano intro live. It’s probably Touma’s best piano intro ever. I really like the haunting string arrangement and Jukka’s jazz-drum.  Oh, and the nice almost guitar solo by Empu is really nice, and I can’t really say no to that trumpet.

5. I want my tears back – This was another question-mark for me. I like the guitar, the Irish  touches. I love how good it sound when Anette and Marco goes back and forth like this. The thing I have such a hard time with is the line “I want my tears back”, it’s so cheesy. It might grow on me though. I just would love it if they did this song live and transcended right in to moondance.

6. Scaretale – The last song that started out as a question-mark. I really like the string and choir intro. I would love to see this live, just to see Empu play it. But if Marc and Anette can’t pull this one off live it would just become a laughable song. And I have to say the umpa part made me think of Finntroll. This is probably the song I have to listen to the most, ‘cause there are so many layers to it. 
7. Arabesque – this is an okay instrumental. It’s not as good as moondance, but it fits the album really well.
8. Turn Lose the mermaids – Love, love, love! I like the melody, Anette’s singing and the arrangement. The folkish violin and the drum that comes in at the middle are great. It gives the song a more Scandinavian sound than a Irish one. Well at least that is what I think.
9. Rest Calm – This song makes me happy, some how. I like how this song begins by an almost guitar solo, even though the heavy riffs to remind me off Master Passion Greed. I like how Rest Calm goes from this intense and heavy side to very calm quite abruptly. And I think this song shows how good Marco and Anette complement each other.  

10. The crow, the owl, the dove – This is a good song, but I feel that there is something lacking. I think this is one of the songs where Troy sings (please correct me if I am wrong). I think Marco, Anette and Troy really work together vocally, though Marco’s raspy voice is what I like the best. 
11. Last ride of the day – This is pure love! I love the choir and Anette and Marco’s vocal, especially how Anette and the choir contrast each other in the beginning. The only thing is that the beginning is very much like Dark chest of wonders.

12. Song of myself – I think this song with Anette, the choir and arrangement makes it epic. I can understand why some though have a hard time with the poetry section. 

13. Imaginaerum – this is a good instrumental ending of the album.
All in all it’s a very good album. I’ll probably need a couple of more listening to get the total feel of the album. But does definitely not feel like an epic fail, like some have tried to describe it as. Whether this will be my favourite Nightwish album or somewhere in the middle time can only tell if it stands the test of play-rotation.

7th-Aug-2010 03:35 pm - Eminem's Love the Way You Lie Video
I watched this video as it premiered,
and thought that my voting thumbs up for it
on eminemvevo’s youtube video would be enough.
But after just 24h and a lot of reading(peoples comments one the video),
I’ve changed my mind.

I can’t understand why so many don’t get the video.
Too many think that it’s glorifying DV,
when it’s clearly explaining the cycle of DV, from one perspective.
That is not from the normal cliché way;
the man hits the woman, she either dies or get out.
And I think too many aren’t listening to the lyrics
and let them be apart of the video,
‘cause if they did they would probably understand the video better.

Sure it could have been good
if they had added a rolling text at the end of the video,
with shelters and help-centres.

Another thing that I’ve been reacting to
is the “good looking” actors that people seem to have a problem with.
Or some that think it should be a “sexier” looking male actor.
Are there no good looking couples that go through this?
Is the good looking girl or guy never ending up
with a person that hasn’t good looks?
In what world do you people live in? Love has nothing to do with looks.
I think people are too stuck in the world of Hollywood movies,
and too little in touch with reality.
Otherwise this would never come up as much as it has.

And than we have the media that can’t take a stand,
at least that is what I think.
I don’t think I’ve read one newspaper article
(on the internet) that has taken a stand.
All they do is describe the video
and let the readers do the deep review.
The closes they come to actually saying anything journalistic
about the video, is when they interview someone
who in some way or another work with DV.
They themselves as journalists have so far
not written anything interesting about this video.
Which I think is a shame.
They seem more interested in stating that Rihanna and Eminem
has both been involved in abusive relationships
and that Megan donated her fee from the video to women shelters.
For the moment the interesting things
are written by people with opinions about DV,
as they comment on the video.

For me the video is amazing,
and it’s complementing the song.
Or maybe more it’s highlighting Eminem’s lyrics.
So the video and the song feed of each other to make a point,
which unfortunately not too many music videos do in this day and age.
I am also impressed with the quality of the video,
and the mini movie feel it gives you.

I am really happy about the fact that so many
are reacting and stating their opinion on the video,
weather I agree with them or not.

27th-Nov-2009 05:32 pm - YamaP
am in Japan at the moment...
last week I went to YamaP's concert I went on the evening of the first concert day
it was really awesome
I wish I had could have gone all days, but at least I got to see one.
It felt like I was the only european there that evening
it was a bit of a bizzar exspereance when we where waiting to get in
when they asked us to sitt down on the ground... and than YamaP came out
there and than I realised that japanese girls are just as fan-loving as in the rest of the world
but what was really fun to see was all the guys and small boys that where there.
YamaP isn't just a girl Idol, and that was really awesome to see in reality

in the concert hall, the line before me there was this guy that was so into the concert
that I thought it would have been better if he would have been up on the stage dancing.

they were filiming to so I am hoping for a concert dvd.

I won't go into detail about the concert but I can say that there were a lot of people just fans of YamaP
non fans, jhohnny's fans ingeneral and news fans... there seems to be a lot of love for our YamaP
12th-Nov-2009 05:25 pm - Jin's blog entry

just read Jin's (the vocalist in Jewel) blog..
and there was this entry that was just so cute!!!

it's from the first of november
: ameblo.jp/jewel-jin/day-20091101.html

if there is someone that doesn't understand japanese
than here you have a ruff translation


in accordance with the weather forecast it's raining....

me at that time

(¤^-^¤) so cute!!




11th-Nov-2009 11:48 pm - I Am In LovE

It's not so much as the fact that I like the song

still haven't decided what I think about G-Dragon(bigbang)

I like him with makeup... with out he's sort of wired


31st-Aug-2009 07:33 pm - Lost Love

Lost Love

as the piano floods my mind

not even the pictures can return what once was lost

the emotions demolished into nothingness,

but the memories of those who live on

            places we return to


and than forget


28th-Aug-2009 07:06 pm - Minor key

In a liquidated sound
a soothing dampness forging it's closeness
with subdued kisses

an erratic softness     faintly melting
somewhere in a muffled sent eradicated of sweetness
a willful longing
for minor key emotions

21st-Aug-2009 01:42 pm - Semenya


I been really think about all this discussions about Semenya, the 19 year old girl that won 800 meters in
the world championships in Berlin.

Where were all the discussion about limo last year? she came from no where, and there where never any
discussion about her taking forbidden substances or being a man.. but here you have a woman, that "looks
like a man" and everyone jumps to the conclusion she is a man. It can’t be possible that she is that good,
“if he was a woman”.
I agree with Jonas, from Swedish television "I hear many that are saying what a tragedy it would be if it
turns out that she is a man. But I think how terrible it would be if it turns out she is a woman. Because she
stands in the center of what should have been the greatest days, but it have all turned into a nightmare. It
must be a horrible feeling for her. The investigation will show weather she is a woman or a man, but what
ever the out come is it is a tragedy.  
She's challenging our beliefs and norms in what a woman should be,
here(in Berlin), and unlike other masculine athletes, before her, she isn’t depicting herself to be anything
than what she is, by using a lot of make-up, jewelry and even like in some cases use a wig. But
Semenya doesn’t have that, but apparently the world doesn’t want to have her."



25th-Jul-2009 11:09 am(no subject)

Yesterday I went to D'espairsRay's concert it was totaly awesome...
but I am still tired, and my body is aching. so I'll write about it later on
18th-Jul-2009 11:13 pm(no subject)

butterfly wings

scattered like dark-blue petals


from my palms



red ribbons


I gaze

at my emotions falling

like snow


these small pieces of pain

cluttered within

pouring it self out as the silence take the living


the tears and the screams

are never seen

never heard


stuck in time






printed on paper


just words




What I feel I released I can’t really write. My emotions have become synonyms which repeat the same pattern over
 and over again. It’s somewhat frightening to release that what you think you are is just what you depend upon to
be the truth. Something that some how make you feel safe. My safety is in the world of pain, to shut it in, smile and
fake my feelings. To be what I am not… just me. ‘cause I don’t know how to be me. As painful as it is, I know I
should let the pain show and than let it go. “To seek help” as so many put it. But help for what? For someone to
listen? Tell you that you are better than you think? That the problems aren’t really your fault? I’ve heard it all
before… if me is being in pain do I need to be fixed? Or is the pain another mask I put on to shelter someone
else? Maybe it’s a need to be what others think I should be…as I wonder I’ve realize one thing at least societies
want happy smile people.

28th-Jun-2009 02:57 pm - Metaltown
Dir en Grey on red stage, Metaltown 27/6 - 09

昨日, Metaltownいった,
Dir en Grey
Girugameshに見た,  凄かったと思います.

Kaoru Metatltown 27/6 - 09 Die, Metaltown 27/6 - 09 Shinya, Metaltown 27/6 - 09
Toshiya, Metaltown 27/6 - 09 Toshiya & Kyo, Metaltown 27/6 - 09 Kyo, Metaltown 27/6 - 09

Diru played as the last band on the red stage,
and they were great.

I just wish I could have been somewhat closer to the stage.
that way I could have gotten better photos.
They played some really great stuff, and Toshiya was really
trying to get the crowed going, it worked for us fans,
but I think there was a lot of people that were tiered
and that were waiting for Marylin Manson,
the last act for the whole festival,
so the real feeling of the whole crowed being pulled in was somewhat lost
and to be honest I think the gig in stockholm some summers ago
was better, but that was maybe ‘cause we as a crowed was feeding on dirus energy
as they were feeding on ours.
Although I have to say it was a really great show, and they deserved a greater response.

Girugamesh, Metaltown 27/6 - 09 Girugamesh, Metaltown 27/6 - 09

  Girugamesh was awesome, they played at the up-close-stage.
I really didn't think they could pull such a crowed.

due to the fact that  BRING ME THE HORIZON just had played,
and pleased all the mosh-pit-lovers. [Can’t say I am a fan, there was a lot of growling
and moshing but not really anything that pulled me into the fans-atmosphere of
Anyway the tent was full and the crowd was really good
most of us new the songs,
but to some it was the first time hearing their music.
Someone behind me told his friend that he though they were really good,
which made me really happy.


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